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Making Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions Last

For a lot of us, getting healthy is at the top of our list of New Year’s resolutions. Whether that means making hiking a new hobby or refining your diet, there are so many resources to help you reach your goals. We know it can be easy to slip into old routines after the first month or so of sticking to your resolutions, so as we head into February here are a few tips to make keeping up with your health plan easy and fun!

  • If you haven’t heard of Fitbit yet, it’s a wireless wearable device that tracks your activity throughout the day, but not just how far you ran one afternoon — it reports the quality of your sleep, the number of steps you take, calories burned and other personal metrics.
  • Exercising outside can be a great way to switch up your workouts if you’re getting tired of the gym. Try taking a walk around the block after work or bringing your yoga mat to a park this weekend!
  • Whether you plan on walking, running, cycling or lifting, one of the most important parts of starting any exercise routine is having the proper shoes.
  • Listening to the right music while you workout can really help keep you motivated and take your mind off the effort you’re exerting. Make a playlist of your favorite upbeat tunes and see how it affects your next workout!


Because Fayetteville Cares

We love our city and love organizations that help make it that much better! Check out this amazing organization making an impact for our community!

The city of Fayetteville truly fosters a welcoming environment not only to visitors, but to both new and long-term residents in the local area as well. To extend that welcome to all of the servicemen and women in our hometown, local residents teamed up in 2007 and founded Fayetteville Cares – an organization that helps engage the entire Fayetteville community by providing a way for citizens to support the troops and their loved ones. Fayetteville Cares coordinates several projects every year to donate care packages and plan fun special events for soldiers both at home and overseas. The organization was also honored as the charity beneficiary at the 2014 Fayetteville Uncorked event for its dedication to supporting military personnel and families in the Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base communities.

Check them out on Facebook to learn how you can get involved!