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Archive for January, 2017

Beat Boredom this Winter: Indoor Crafts for the Kids

go to site After the excitement of the holidays fade, the winter months can seem to drag along, especially with Fayetteville’s cold weather. Beat cabin fever this season with these creative indoor crafts the kids are sure to love!

Homemade Snow Globe – Use small toys to create your own customized snow globe. This is a quick and easy way to create your own snow storm from the comfort of your home!

  • What you need: Small baby food jar with lid, a glue gun, small toys that fit in the jar, water, glitter and 1/4-inch ribbon.
    • Step one: Use the hot glue gun to adhere the small toy on the inside of the jar lid
    • Step two: Fill the jar with water and add glitter
    • Step three: Place the lid on the jar tightly and glue ribbon around the edge of the lid to seal it
    • Step four: Shake the jar to create a snow storm

cheap hoodia diet pills Big Flake – Utilize materials you probably already have around the house to make the ultimate paper snowflake.

  • What you need: Nine full-size sheets of newspaper, tape and scissors.
    • Step one: Lay the nine sheets of newspaper on the floor in a square by making a three-by-three grid
    • Step two: Tape the sheets together
    • Step three: Fold the paper and cut shapes as you normally would to create a paper snowflake
    • Step four: Unfold the giant snowflake

Clay Heart Beads – Get ready for Valentine’s Day by helping the kids shape their own designs into beads for necklaces, bracelets or decorative pieces on cards. An added bonus is that this activity is calming and has been proven to help kids who deal with anxiety!

  • What you need: Oven bake clay, twine or string and a hot glue gun.
    • Step one: Sculpt the clay into beads with hands
    • Step two: Make a hole through the center using the end of a paintbrush
    • Step three: Bake the clay according to the directions
    • Step four: String the beads to create a necklace or bracelet, or hot glue onto a card

Cape Fear High School Basketball Team Wins Championship

The Cumberland Holiday Classic had an unexpected victor last month! Congratulations to the Cape Fear High School boys basketball team on winning the first Holiday Classic title in school history.

This was the first year the team competed in the championship, and The Fayetteville Observer covered all the details on their big win – where 85-73 was left on the scoreboard at the game’s end.

A job well done to the team for their hard work and dedication!