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There’s a well-known military saying that when the president dials 911, Fort Bragg answers the phone. As the purchase accutane online and most well-known military base in the nation, Fort Bragg is a source of great pride and security for the community.

First, let us say thank you to all of the men and women in our military and especially at Fort Bragg. Your honor and dedication are inspiring to everyone!

For the rest of us, how much do you really know about it? Take a minute to learn more about this impressive base:

Thanks again to all of the U.S. Armed Forces!


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We made it! The snow is melting and the countdown to warmer weather has begun. There’s no better way to celebrate than by grabbing family and friends and taking part in one of the many great events Fayetteville has to offer this month. Check out a few highlights below:

And don’t forget to set your clock forward one hour before going to bed Saturday night!

March calendar

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Oscars image

An astounding 36.6 million people tuned into the 86th annual Academy Awards Sunday to celebrate this year’s most talked about movies, actors, composers and filmmakers.

In case you missed it, the big Oscar where can i order accutane online of the night were, predictably, “Birdman,” “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “Whiplash.” Unfortunately Neil Patrick Harris’ hosting skills received less-than-stellar can you order accutane online, with some even referring to his performance as cringe-worthy. On the other hand, “Boyhood’s” Patricia Arquette and “Whiplash’s” best place to buy accutane online uk stole the show with powerful acceptance speeches that drew attention to important social issues – both getting standing ovations from the crowd.

You can still catch some of the winners and nominees in theatres – come over to where can i buy accutane online uk at Marketfair to see some of them, such as American Sniper and Still Alice. Happy watching!

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We love our city and love organizations that help make it that much better! Check out this amazing organization making an impact for our community!

The city of Fayetteville truly fosters a welcoming environment not only to visitors, but to both new and long-term residents in the local area as well. To extend that welcome to all of the servicemen and women in our hometown, local residents teamed up in 2007 and founded best online pharmacy to buy accutane – an organization that helps engage the entire Fayetteville community by providing a way for citizens to support the troops and their loved ones. Fayetteville Cares coordinates several best website to buy accutane every year to donate care packages and plan fun special events for soldiers both at home and overseas. The organization was also honored as the charity beneficiary at the 2014 best place to buy accutane online event for its dedication to supporting military personnel and families in the Fort Bragg and Pope Air Force Base communities.

Check them out on best place to buy generic accutane to learn how you can get involved!


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There are so many interesting things about Fayetteville that make it unique to North Carolina. Check out these fun facts about our hometown – you never know what you might learn!

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As many of you know, our Marketfair shopping center redevelopment has been under construction since we officially broke ground in March. The mall space is being transformed into a modern, open-air shopping plaza and movie theater destination for Fayetteville residents to enjoy.

Check out this awesome new photo that captures the progress we’ve made on this exciting new addition to the community!

MF aeriel

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As we head into the season of giving, we’re excited to thank our fans for their continued support of the new Marketfair shopping center by announcing an awesome giveaway! One lucky winner will receive two tickets to Carmike Marketfair 15 for a fun trip to the movies. Head over to our buy accutane v-drugstore page by Thursday, Nov. 6 at midnight for more details on how to enter!

Thanks again to our tenant buy accutane in dubai for providing this prize!


Carmike 2

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Local blogs are a great resource to get to know what’s happening in your hometown and find fun new opportunities to get involved. Fayetteville bloggers are connecting with residents by sharing upcoming community events, reviews, life stories, current local news and more! Take a peek at these great local blogs from the Fayetteville and Fort Bragg area and get connected.

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Giving back and supporting those in need has always been a common practice found in Fayetteville, but the good place to buy accutane online is a particularly remarkable organization based in our hometown. This nonprofit’s mission is to aid wounded and retired veterans by giving them peace of mind and a new quality of life through an inspiring and unique support system of competitive fishers. how to buy accutane as one of the top nonprofits in North Carolina for 2014 by Great Nonprofits, the men that comprise this organization encourage one another through fellowship in the sport and by giving to the how to buy accutane online and the how to buy generic accutane. Their genuine care and assistance is truly uplifting, especially how they find a way to do so through what they love – fishing!


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hhgreg4Is back-to-school shopping or updating your home on your to-do list this month? We have something that may help! To thank our fans for their continued support during the Marketfair shopping center redevelopment, we’re giving one lucky winner a $50 gift card to buy accutane in uk, which is expected to remain open throughout the buy accutane in singapore process. All you have to do is visit our buy accutane v-drugstore page by Tuesday, Aug. 12 at midnight to learn how to enter for the chance to win.

Special thanks to our tenant H.H. Gregg for providing this great prize!