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As summer break in Fayetteville nears its end that means the craziness of back-to-school preparation is right around the corner. No need to worry though, we’ve rounded up some of the top tech products to consider adding to your school supply shopping list. You can get all of these cool and useful gadgets right here at H.H. Gregg in Marketfair Shopping Center!

H.H. Gregg has all of these tech items and more, plus they offer tons of great deals. Check out the weekly order accutane online forum for the Marketfair location to learn about the special sales and discounts for our store!

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The Marketfair shopping center redevelopment construction is complete, and five new tenants are officially confirmed to open in the plaza. Fayetteville’s fun new retail, dining and theatre destination, is adding these stores and restaurants throughout spring and summer 2015:


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After a four-month hibernation, the popular City Market is back! Located in front of the best place to buy accutane online uk, local farmers and artisans set up every Wednesday from 2 to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. They share their goods with the community including crafts, handmade soaps and lotions, pottery, jewelry, fresh produce, meats and eggs, sweet treats and so much more. The Fayetteville City Market season kicks off tomorrow, April 18, and goes through December!

Check out a few of this year’s vendors:

City MArket logo

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Spring is officially here to stay with it comes a slew of great new items and trends that have people excited right now. No matter what you’re looking forward to doing this spring, check out the must-haves below that’ll help you make the most of the season!


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hhgreg4Is back-to-school shopping or updating your home on your to-do list this month? We have something that may help! To thank our fans for their continued support during the Marketfair shopping center redevelopment, we’re giving one lucky winner a $50 gift card to can you buy accutane over the counter, which is expected to remain open throughout the can you buy accutane in mexico process. All you have to do is visit our can you buy accutane online page by Tuesday, Aug. 12 at midnight to learn how to enter for the chance to win.

Special thanks to our tenant H.H. Gregg for providing this great prize!


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We all know it’s true – the best part of Fourth of July is the outdoor celebrations! Marketfair shopping center has you covered with the top six must-have items for your holiday weekend. All of these fan favorite products can be found at buy accutane cream and where can i buy accutane in the philippines in Marketfair shopping center. Don’t let our construction fool you, these two amazing stores are open for business and have everything you need for a fabulous Fourth!

Check out these awesome items that will make any celebration sizzle this summer:

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  • Keep beverages perfect with a Perma-Chill Cooler (Marketfair Tip: Add salt to ice to keep beverages cold longer)
  • Relax in style with a hammock
  • Cook for a crowd with a gas or charcoal grill (Marketfair Tip: Make your grill nonstick by cutting an onion in half and rubbing it on the heated gate)

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Head over to our where can i buy accutane in nigeria page for more up-to-date tips, deals and specials taking place throughout the summer at Marketfair shopping center!

mf blog3


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If you’ve driven down Skibo Road within the past few weeks, chances are you’ve noticed that construction at Marketfair is well where do i buy accutane! The old mall space located in the heart of Fayetteville is being transformed into a modern, open-air shopping center and cinema destination where locals will be able to enjoy movie date nights, shopping with friends and fun community events.

Last month, city officials and buy accutane v-drugstore officially broke ground on the complete site redevelopment at a packed community celebration, where exciting new details about the shopping center were shared. Most importantly, the new Marketfair is expected to open in fall 2014 – just in time to provide a great new spot for holiday shopping!

The main portion of the shopping center is designed to have a contemporary L-shape layout centered by buy accutane in dubai, so locals will be able to take advantage of open-air shopping, alfresco dining and evening strolls before catching a movie once the plaza opens.

The inviting community destination is buy accutane on ebay to have national brand name retail stores and a mix of casual to upscale restaurants with a variety of menu types, offering something for everyone in town. Plus, the redevelopment also includes plans for three new driveways into the plaza from Skibo Road, Campground Road and Morganton Road, which will drastically help traffic flow into the complex.

Are you excited to learn more about Marketfair shopping center? Be sure to “Like” us on buy accutane online europe for the most up-to-date announcements on buy accutane europe and construction progress in the coming weeks and months!