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March 29 is National Mom-and-Pop Business Owners Day, a special holiday dedicated to honoring small business owners and recognizing all the hard work they do. We are excited to take this day to celebrate three mom-and-pop shops we are proud to have at Marketfair shopping center. From coffee and bakery treats to sushi and curry, these small businesses are part of what makes Marketfair and Fayetteville so unique!

Good Living Coffee Zone

order accutane online forum, a locally owned and operated coffee, tea and food destination, will celebrate its one-year anniversary at Marketfair this May. The shop serves coffee made from the finest beans around the world, as well as healthy and delicious sandwiches, pastries, teas and more. Good Living Coffee Zone not only hosts fun, unique events to show how much they appreciate their customers, but they also support local nonprofits and volunteer services that support Fayetteville causes. Its mission revolves around total quality of service and commitment to the Fayetteville community, and we are so proud to have them at Marketfair!

Tandoori Bites

order accutane online uk has served fine Indian cuisine to Fayetteville customers since April 2017. The original Tandoori Bites in Wilmington, North Carolina, became so popular over the past nine years that the owners decided to open their second location right here in Fayetteville — and we’re so glad they did! Tandoori Bites’ has won several awards of excellence for its commitment to providing exceptional food and customer service from reputable publications like order accutane online canada and order accutane uk. Customers have described the unique dining experience as being so authentic that “you will feel as if you just landed in Mumbai.”

Mikoto Jr. Express

This quick and casual family-owned restaurant is the perfect spot in Fayetteville to experience a touch of Asian culture. Choose from a wide variety of entrées including hibachi, sushi, tempura and other Japanese favorites. order accutane online friendly ambiance pairs perfectly with the delicious cuisine, making it the perfect lunch or dinner spot!

There are more than order accutane online australia small businesses in America that play an important role in the United States economy, and National Mom-and-Pop Business Owners Day reminds us to go out and show our appreciation for them. A huge thank you to all our Fayetteville small businesses for all that you do!

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Cooler weather has its perks, but seeing signs of spring after a long, cold winter is always refreshing! The first day of spring is March 20, and even if it doesn’t feel like it quite yet, warm weather and sunshine are just around the corner. Here are a few ways you can prepare for the new season and take full advantage of the beautiful spring days ahead of us in Fayetteville!

1. Spring Cleaning

Things can get a little cluttered when you’re stuck indoors hiding out from the cold all winter. Blooming flowers, bright sunshine and warm weather should give you the boost of energy you need to “spring” back into your can you buy accutane in canada routine. There are so many ways to freshen up your home for the new season. Consider packing up those winter coats and sweaters that are taking up so much space in your closet. Steam clean your carpets and scrub your hardwood floors until they shine like brand new. You’ll love how good your house looks (and how good you feel) when you’re all done!

2. Gardening

Time to put your cheapest place to buy accutane online to work! Even if it is still chilly outside, March is the perfect time to start preparing your garden. Start by cleaning up any remnants of last year’s plants that didn’t quite make it through the winter. Then, you can use those decaying plants to boost nutrients in the soil for the new plants! There are plenty of crops that thrive in cooler spring weather. You’ll be glad you got a head start when you collect your fresh veggies in the early summer!

3. Outdoor Workouts

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home. You can clean up your fitness routine, too! There’s no better time to start shaping up for summer than the beginning of spring. You can finally ditch your winter indoor gym routine and move your is it safe to order accutane online. Jog around the neighborhood, play your favorite outdoor sport, go on a bike ride — the possibilities are endless! You’ll look and feel better than ever when summer comes around.

Are you as ready for spring as we are, Fayetteville? We hope these tips help you say “goodbye” to winter and “hello” to warmer spring weather!

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Calling all espresso and latte experts! order accutane online forum and best place to buy accutane online invite local baristas to participate in this month’s Thursday Night Throwdown (TNT) at Good Living Coffee Zone’s Marketfair shopping center location on Feb. 22 from 7-9 p.m. The barista with the perfect pour will win a pile of cash and the title of Fayetteville’s latte art champion!

For a $5 entry fee, baristas compete before three judges to create the most impressive latte art in a given time limit. The barista with the most votes will move onto the next round, and the TNT champion wins all the money in the pot. Not a barista? You don’t have to be a latte artist to appreciate a good show and a great cup of coffee! All TNTs are free for anyone to watch, so bring a friend and come watch the baristas battle it out.

Baristas can sign up by posting on the best place to buy generic accutane or by emailing best place to buy accutane uk. Baristas can also sign up by arriving at Good Living Coffee Zone at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 22. Good Living Coffee Zone hosts TNT only once a month, so you don’t want to miss out!

Good Living Coffee Zone’s February TNT is sure to be an evening of artistic fun, whether you’re a barista who wants to show off your skills or a coffee connoisseur who wants to have a “latte” of fun. Start practicing your pours, baristas!

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Black history is American history — so come celebrate the contributions that African Americans have made to our cities, states and country. Here are some of the exciting Black History Month events in Fayetteville this year:

buy accutane cream

Head to Fayetteville’s Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex to take a trip back to 1867. The event will explore the story of Fayetteville State University’s founding and the lives of Fayetteville’s African-American community during the 19th century. This free, traveling exhibit is open now through May 27 during regular museum hours, featuring photographs, panels and video interviews.

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Come out to Fayetteville State University’s J.W. Seabrook Auditorium at 7 p.m. on Feb. 17 to see award-winning actress Tichina Arnold and famous casting director Winsome Sinclair, C.S.A. Audience members will hear stories of challenges they have faced throughout their lives and careers. After the event, Arnold and Sinclair will answer audience questions from the unique perspective of public figures. General admission is $20, while current students can attend for $10.

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This event is for the kids! All children ages 10-18 are invited to participate in the 15th annual Black History Quiz Bowl. It’s a fun, competitive way for kids to put their knowledge of Black History and many more topics to the test. Children from both North Carolina and South Carolina will be participating, uniting kids of different races and backgrounds to compete for a variety of prizes while learning. This event will take place at Fayetteville’s Ramada Plaza on Saturday, Feb. 24 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is free for participants and anyone who wants to stay and watch.

There are many more Black History Month events in Fayetteville throughout February, so make sure to check out the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitors Bureau’s where can i buy accutane yahoo for more historical fun!

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Valentine’s Day is on the horizon — which means Cupid will be visiting Fayetteville very soon! Because searching for the perfect gifts for your loved ones can be exhausting, we’ve compiled a list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts in Fayetteville for all of your family and friends:

  1. For the Hopeless Romantic: One of the most popular Valentine’s Day date destinations? A romantic trip to see the latest buy accutane for acne! Helpful hint: Fifty Shades Freed is hitting theaters Friday, Feb. 9 — just in time for the holiday.
  2. For the Fitness Devoted: Set up your favorite health enthusiast for success in the new year. A new buy accutane online forum will be the perfect gift to show that you care about their health, too! 
  3. For the Kids: Don’t forget — kids love special Valentine’s Day presents as well! They’ll be head-over-heels for a can you buy accutane from canada where they can learn more about their favorite sports and also learn tons of benefits beyond the game, such as team work and perseverance!
  4. For the Stylish: When it comes to being pampered, it doesn’t get much better than a buy accutane from uk. Nails on fleek!
  5. For the Sandwich Lover: As the saying goes, the quickest way to a person’s heart is often through his or her stomach. Take your Valentine out to this impromptu buy accutane online from canada if he or she is obsessed with sandwiches like us!
  6. For the Candy Connoisseur: Did someone mention sugar? After all, buy accutane from india is an extremely important part of Valentine’s Day tradition.
  7. For the Coffee Aficionado: We all have those loved ones who can’t get their morning started without a piping hot “cup of Joe.” A buy accutane from canada to this local coffee shop is sure to go over well!
  8. For the Interior Designer: So, your Valentine is a creative type looking to refresh the buy accutane from mexico of his or her home. Give them a head start by taking them on a spontaneous shopping spree!

We hope everyone has a great holiday spent with those who matter most! Happy Valentine’s Day, Fayetteville, and happy shopping!

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Did you know that someone is in the need of blood how can i buy accutane in uk in the United States? That means 43,200 Americans per day could die without access to donated blood. At Marketfair, we take those numbers seriously.

We’re teaming up with how to buy accutane in uk for our first annual where to buy accutane in hong kong on Saturday, Jan. 13 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The blood drive will be held at Good Living Coffee Zone in Marketfair shopping center on Skibo Road.

Join us by selecting a time for your donation appointment how to buy accutane in malaysia, or you can call order accutane online forum at (910) 475-8630. Make sure to bring along photo identification and eat a nutritious meal before your donation! To show our appreciation, donors will receive a special gift while supplies last. And, remember: donating a single pint means you could save up to three lives.

We can’t wait to see all of our life-saving Fayetteville donors there!

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There is plenty of holiday cheer in Fayetteville this year! Get your family and friends together and come out and celebrate at these local events this weekend:

Marketfair Christmas Tree Lighting

Marketfair shopping center is hosting its first annual Christmas tree lighting event Saturday, Dec. 16. Everyone is welcome to come to the event, which will be held in our parking lot from 6 to 9 p.m. There will be caroling, holiday treats and a visit from Old St. Nick at 6:30 p.m. Visit our can you buy accutane in uk page to learn more about the event!

Hot Chocolate and Cookies with Santa

Head to buy indian accutane, Fayetteville’s favorite coffee connoisseur, for FREE hot chocolate and cookies earlier in the day Dec. 16 from 1 to 5 p.m. Kids will enjoy a surprise visit from Santa Claus, so make sure they have their Christmas lists ready!

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

If you’re not in the holiday spirit yet, just wait until you see this The Best Christmas Pageant Ever at Cape Fear Regional Theatre! Fayetteville has enjoyed this comedic Christmas classic for over 25 years. The show runs through Dec. 17, so make sure to buy accutane online in canada before it ends!

Are you planning on coming out to any of these awesome events? From the Marketfair family to yours, we wish you all a very merry holiday season!

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Bring out your family to celebrate the holidays with our Marketfair family. We are kicking off the festive season by lighting our giant, live Christmas tree at our first annual tree lighting event! The festivities will take place on Dec. 16 from 6 to 9 p.m. in our parking lot at 1916 Skibo Road in Fayetteville.

There will be plenty of caroling, treats and holiday cheer to celebrate most wonderful time of year while we anxiously await a very special guest from the North Pole, who will make an appearance at 6:30 p.m. Make sure your kids write their letters to Santa in anticipation! Local Marketfair businesses, churches and organizations will also be in attendance. The event is free to everyone and there will be plenty of parking available. Click buy accutane online paypal for more details and to RSVP to the Facebook event. We can’t wait to celebrate with you and your loved ones!

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Thanksgiving Day is this week — which means Black Friday is right around the corner! We’ve been preparing for months to bring you the best deals Fayetteville has to offer. Here’s our special Marketfair Black Friday round-up to guide you through everyone’s favorite shopping holiday:

We hope all of our Fayetteville shoppers have a happy holiday! Can’t wait to see you out and about this Black Friday!

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They stood for us. We stand with them. This Nov. 11, we honor our veterans as we celebrate Veterans Day as a community. On this special holiday we salute those who have served and honor the tremendous sacrifices made by them and our families to preserve our freedom.

Join us in celebrating our local heroes at the annual buy accutane thailand on Nov. 4 at 10 a.m. in historic downtown Fayetteville. It will begin on Hay Street at the where to buy accutane in australia The theme of this year’s parade is “Honoring our Vietnam Veterans” as a special tribute to our Vietnam War Heroes. The parade is one of the many events as a part of Cumberland County’s Heroes Homecoming IV. The list of other events can be found where to buy accutane online uk While at these events, be open to speaking with the veterans around you. One of the best ways to honor a veteran is to listen, engage in a meaningful conversation about their experiences.

Over at Marketfair, anyone interested in serving our country can stop by our where to buy accutane online forum location to acquire more information.

We hope everyone has a great Veterans Day and a special thank you to all our community heroes!